About Me

This blog is published by Andy Thurai, Program Director – API Economy, IoT, Connected cloud solutions with IBM. I intend this blog as a discussion on topics that are of interest to me. The views expressed here are my own and not of my employer.

This would include the following topics: API, IoT, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, SOA, or any other hot topic that captures my attention.

Please feel free to comment or engage in a stimulating conversation, but please keep it professional.

I can be reached via the “Contact Me” page here. You can also find me on LinkedIn or on Twitter @AndyThurai

In my current role I am responsible for strategy, evangelism, GTM messaging, and helping my customers on API, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, SOA, and Security. I have over 25 years of experience in technology and architecture executive leadership positions.

In my spare time I enjoy sports. I love the Redsox and Patriots. I enjoy a good round of golf in a good weather. I am a big time foodie and love a good wine.

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