Welcome to Intel – API Security & Tokenization.

Hi Everyone,
I want to officially welcome everyone to this new group – Intel – API Security & Tokenization. I am the Chief Architect and CTO for the Intel unit that is responsible for these solutions. I’m also the co-moderator of this LinkedIn group.
Although the topic suggests focused content on API and Tokenization, by no means are we limited to just that – as we provide so much more. Our solution set (hence the topics of discussion here) is heavily focused around API & tokenization. However, we will also will delve into Mobility, Cloud data privacy, SOA/ Cloud Governance, SOA/ Cloud Security and other topics as well.
I would like to find out from you on what we can do to improve our solution to meet our customer needs. While I am reaching out to customers one on one, I thought I would open up the discussion to a wider group to get more input. Mobility is undoubtedly a hot area. I would love to find out the following,

  • How soon are you looking to Mobile enable your enterprise, if not already?
  • What specific services and/or applications areas are you looking for to prioritize and why?.
  • What are the specific areas you are having the most trouble with?
  • How can we help you by enhancing our solution so that it could fit your needs.

You can either respond to this discussion here or send me a private email, so I can get a better perspective as I continue to work on our evolving roadmap. If you are interested – please take me up on the opportunity to get on a phone call to discuss and help provide analysis about your situation and discuss some of the industry trends we are seeing. There’s no cost or obligation. It’s a call that I think we would both benefit from.
I’d really like to better understand your issues and any “pain-points” your organization may be facing.
Welcome to the group, sit tight, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride :).

Andy Thurai


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