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Video of my speech from API Days Madrid here.  It starts after the first minute after Guillaume finishes his Q&A.

For the first time in my life, I was in Spain (Madrid) last week. What a lovely country and people. Great food too! It amazes me how people can speak multiple languages and entertain the clueless tourists like me by switching to English so quickly :).


In any case, I was there to attend the API Mediterranean event. Can you believe that? This is proof that API has gone to the nook and corner of the world! It was attended by about 100 practitioners. The representative companies included Intel, Kin Lane the API evangelist, WSO2, 3Scale, Layer 7, FaberNovel, API Cultur, Webshell.io, MailJet, and many more. The enthusiasm and eagerness from participants were undeniable. Eduardo was a great host.

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The “Intel” on Intel is we do software!

Are you surprised? I start off most of my presentations/ conferences with the following question:

How many of you know that Intel ‘does’ Software?

Very few hands usually go up, and that is exactly the challenge I have today in getting the word out about other exciting developments that people wouldn’t normally associate with this technology juggernaut. And while the Silicon Valley behemoth often conjures up images of powering a plethora of devices (including phones too!), it’s Application Security & Identity Products division (ASIP), my unit, is quickly escaping the formidable shadow of the “mother ship” as it gains prominence in the world at large with Cloud, Application security, Identity and Tokenization software now being “top of mind”. Intel ASIP group is on the cutting edge of innovation in a myriad of ways with some very advanced technologies such as Cloud SSO, Cloud based Identity services, Identity Manager, OTP (One Time Password), Big Data, Analytics, API Gateway, Cloud Service Broker, Security Gateway, Mobile middleware and Security as a Service.

Every Intel commercial you see on TV, or through other media channels, usually promotes Intel chips as that is a core strength of ours. But I want you to be aware that we are far more than just chips. We are a leading edge technology company that constantly renews itself as well as its raison d’être. We hold more patents than almost anyone else in almost every field that we are in. And we employ an army of engineers in some of the largest research efforts in the world, with one of the largest research budgets.

There was a great article in Forbes not too long ago, about how Intel is one of the largest software companies in the world, that you’ve never heard about. Lead by our fearless leader, Renee James – SVP of Intel Software group, Intel recently announced Security as our third pillar. Our CEO Paul Otellini didn’t just stop there; he showed the world he meant it by acquiring McAfee soon after. However, we’ve also made some very key strategic acquisitions in software security and identity areas to strengthen our position. Those include, but are not limited to: McAfee, Nordic Edge, Sarvega, WindRiver… (a complete list can be seen on the Forbes link below or at Intel.com). This is consistent with our strategy. We continue to acquire and develop a lot more software/ security solutions with unwavering commitment.

You might be surprised to learn the following:

  • Intel turbo-charges the Linux community by putting hundreds of full-time engineers to work on the free operating system.
  • Intel’s tools helped Apple’s engineers move its Macintosh computers to Intel processors.
  • Intel helped Google move into the Smartphone business.
  • Maybe the company’s biggest software triumph has been its push into high-performance computing. Five of the ten fastest supercomputers in the world now run Intel’s chips.
  • Intel has a solution that helps companies Tokenize their sensitive data.
  • Intel’s Cloud Service Broker (CSB) and API Gateway solutions help companies seamlessly move their enterprise applications to the cloud.

Along these lines, Intel has been a pivotal partner on many projects that have helped to move the “proverbial needle” by developing tools, frameworks and enhancements – all of which often have gone unrecognized since the efforts are not branded with any kind of Intel logo.

With the acquisition of security software vendor McAfee last year, Intel became one of the world’s 10 largest software companies. – Forbes May 2012.

If you have time, I suggest you give our annual report a read. You’ll get a first-hand look at the contributions of the software division. They are impressive. Just from the numbers alone, we could easily be considered one of the largest software vendors in the world.

We, the software group of Intel, get access to information coming from advanced security labs of McAfee and extreme performance labs from Intel. This allows our software unit to understand what is coming down the road and architect solutions for the future. That is why when you choose Intel for any of the aforementioned products, the performance comparison numbers against our direct competitors our numbers are truly outstanding. If you have any questions about this, please give me a shout and I will demonstrate to you how awesome we really are.

A very familiar AllState commercial states “Are you in good hands?”, With Intel I can guarantee you are.

Intel Cloud SSO – Control your Cloud Identities

If you were in a cave, hunting hibernating Siberian bears you might have missed this news. Intel made a big splash last week by announcing the solution to manage Cloud based Identities. This is a brainchild of my unit within Intel and I am so proud of our guys who took the concept to execution; beta to GA in just about a year.   What is more impressive is that we are the “First, and currently, the ONLY” force.com based Identity provider.   While many can follow the suite, the original idea was conceived and well executed by our guys, who spent many sleepless nights on this. Congratulations guys!!!, you showed the world how to do get things done well and fast.

Salesforce Adds Intel Cloud SSO

By Stefanie Hoffman



Service providers might be able to add security to the list of reasons to move customers to cloud applications with a partnership that enables Intel’s Cloud Single Sign On to be delivered on SalesForce’s social enterprise platform.

Intel delivers cloud-based identity application to salesforce

By Staff Writer

Computer Business Review


Cloud SSO deployed on Force.com is now available via salesforce.com’s AppExchange and Intel

Intel Cloud SSO lets IT manage SaaS apps

By James Furbush



Intel has entered the Identity as a Service space this week with software that provides a way to secure employee access to SaaS apps.

Intel Rolls Out Cloud SSO Identity Solution

By Darren Allen



Intel has announced Cloud SSO, a cloud-based identity and “Access Management-as-a-Service” system which is now live on Force.com, Salesforce’s social enterprise platform.

Intel announces Cloud SSO link-up with Salesforce

By Matthew Finnegan



Intel has announced a cloud based identity management system for social enterprise apps through Salesforce’s Force.com.

Intel unveils cloud-based SSO service

By Rene Millman



Intel has revealed a new cloud-based single sign-on service that integrates with Salesforce.com and will allow customers to ditch on-premise password management.

Intel Cloud SSO Goes from Private Beta to Public

By Staff Writer

Sys-Con Media


We’re happy to announce general availability of Intel Cloud SSO IAM-as-a-service today after running it in private beta mode for 2 months with select customers.

Intel brings Cloud SSO to Salesforce’s Force.com

By Rachel King



Salesforce.com is integrating Intel’s Cloud SSO to provide enterprise customers with single sign-on access to Force.com and thousands of cloud-based apps.

Intel launches cloud-based single sign-on service

By Antone Gonsalves


Reposts: Network World, Computerworld


Intel launched a cloud-based password management service on Wednesday that has been tightly integrated with Salesforce.com to give its customers an alternative to on-premise single sign-on software.

Intel and McAfee team on cloud single sign-on

By Iain Thomson

The Register


Intel and MacAfee have been talking about the fruits of their merger and their plans for a cloud to computer security network that will be built into new systems.

Intel Cloud SSO: Single Sign On Across Cloud, SaaS Apps

By Joe Panettieri

Talkin’ Cloud


Intel, leveraging the Salesforce.com cloud, has developed a single sign on (SSO) solution for cloud computing. Intel Cloud SSO stores user identities on Force.com, and leverages that information to authenticate users across multiple third-party cloud applications.

Intel Wants to Manage Your Passwords in the Cloud

By Penny Crosman

Bank Technology News


Intel and McAfee (the security software company Intel acquired in 2011) are today rolling out software for providing such single sign-on across all software-as-a-service applications, with user names and passwords stored and managed in Salesforce’s cloud utility, Force.com

Intel, McAfee launch Cloud SSO, expect busy year

By Staff Writer



As a first step to this, the companies have launched Cloud SSO, a single sign-on facility developed to manage authentication for a range of cloud applications that can be used to supplement or replace existing access management systems.

Articles in press

Cloud Identity Buyer’s Guide

If you are adopting a cloud strategy and wondering, or confused, about how to manage your user/ partner identities in the cloud you might want to check out our recently published Cloud Identity Buyer’s Guide at http://lnkd.in/TQ_k3H

It talks about Cloud identity management architecture, standards, SSO, etc.

Click here to download your free Cloud Identity Buyer’s Guide.

Our SaaS CloudSSO – Sassy

Essentially that is what it is– Sassy!. Recently we announced our Force.com based Cloud SSO solution. What is unique about this is that we are the first (and as of now the ONLY) solution that will allow Force.com user identities to be federated not only across Force.com applications, but also across other cloud providers as well.

We provide Identity for the cloud in the cloud – now that is different, isn’t it?

I know, I know… there are about half of a dozen vendors that claim to provide a Cloud SSO solution. So why are we different or better than others?

We provide a fusion, bringing together the best of McAfee and Intel. We bring years of advanced security research , our multi-tenant offering cloud security suite from McAfee, coupled with Intel’s Identity offering that includes SSO, hardened provisioning/de-provisioning and an escalated authentication (OTP) solution. Even more important, and a big cost saver, is the provisioning and de-provisioning to manage accounts in many applications by seamlessly automating it behind the scenes giving you the comfort and confidence that accounts are consistently and securely managed on build up and teardown tasks for each user.

Everyone knows that salesforce.com is all about the cloud and SaaS, right?. But once you set up your users/ identities in the Force.com platform it can be only used there. If you need to setup another SaaS application then your administrator needs to setup the user base all over again. Even though there are tools available to make this process easier, it is still a chore. Imagine if you could have the power to set up the identities and policies once and run forever. If your users have to remember only ONE password then you could enforce the passwords to be very strong. This would not only reduce the security risk (imagine a SaaS application having a weak password… what can be more dangerous than that) but it could also help with eliminating a lot of help desk password reset calls from frustrated users.

One pivotal and unspoken benefit is the increase in productivity where a user can seamlessly navigate between applications.

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RSA 2012 Interview with Andy Thurai, Chief Architect of Intel’s Application Security Identity Products Group

Watch this interview between Tom Field and myself about API management and the attendant issues including security, management, auditing, metering, monitoring and monetization.

We talked about Social APIs vs Enterprise APIs, as well as how Intel is providing mobile enablement. Good conversation about a platform that is about technology, security, and identity agnostic, so that when messages are sent to a hosted app or a partners app, one has the appropriate mechanism to consume those messages coming in from mobile devices. Also hear about Intel’s latest announcement made at RSA, about Cloud SSO — visit http://www.intelcloudsso.com for more information.

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