API Strategy Conference – Chicago

api-strategy-practice-chicago-logoI am on a panel with Kin Lane this week @APIStrat conference, discussing (looking at the panel members, it will be more like debating) about the “Politics of APIs” and the enterprise/ top industries adoption in general. Unfortunately, it is the last session on the last day of the conference, and I know the mad rush to the exit starts around that time. But we would love to see you stay and listen to the fireworks. I am interested to hear from you on specific topic(s) that you would like to see discussed on that panel.

If you are attending the conference, let us catch-up.

Here is the panel grouping:

Tyler Singletary (@harmophone) Director of Platform at Klout – Moderator

Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) Program Director at IBM

Kin Lane (@kinlane) API Evangelist at API Evangelist

Mehdi Medjaoui (@medjawii) Founder at oAuth.io

Pratap Ranade (@PratapRanade) Co-Founder and CEO at Kimonolabs

About Andy Thurai
My website is www.theFieldCTO.com

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