I am an IBMer…

As I indicated earlier, I left Intel to pursue an outstanding opportunity in the same space. I know I kept this as a surprise while I went on vacation and didn’t write much, which led to some speculation on where I was going…so here it is. I am going back to IBM after being away for four years – a (sweet) homecoming of sorts :).

When I left Intel, I was seriously considering another opportunity, equally good. But I got to talk to some of my old pals at IBM and learned that they were looking for someone with my skills. Couldn’t hurt, I thought, talking to them. Well, now I am an IBMer!

Train with LionI have joined IBM as the “Program Director: API Economy, IoT and Connected Cloud solutions.” In my new role, I will be helping IBM establish thought leadership, evangelizing the solution set, ideating and strategizing the solutions based on market demands, creating GTM messaging and, finally, my favorite, as an advisor, helping our executive level customers to create a vision for their digital economy migration.

This is similar to the role I had with Intel, but a bit expanded to cover more technologies. I will continue to provide outbound thought leadership, including writing articles and blogs, speaking at industry events and supporting our executive customers as an advisor. I will continue to maintain my blog site at www.thurai.net/blog.

Right now, I am drinking from the fire hose and trying to digest the information overload. This is not the IBM that I was used to when I was here. It used to be part mainframe, part services but primarily concentrating on selling ELAs to major corporate customers.

But now, lots of smaller units within IBM are working in an innovation mode, with outstanding technologies ranging from API to IoT to Bluemix to mobility to Big Data to cloud, as well as with Cognitive computing/Watson technologies. I am literally like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store looking at these amazing things and the major change that happened that the outside world is slowly beginning to learn. I am impressed how a big machine such as IBM can turn things around this fast and create offerings that compete with fast moving, nimble, quick paced start-ups.

If you love to learn about this good stuff, come on board, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride as I continue to tell you more stories as I learn them. I promise you this will be a fun ride!

You will be as thrilled as I am!

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My website is www.theFieldCTO.com

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