Not with Intel Any More…

You might have read my recent blog about Kin Lane. I didn’t realize that I would have to make a decision of my own when I wrote that blog. Though our situations were entirely different, it is always tough to call it right when you are faced with multiple choices, especially when all of them seem like the right answer. In any case, I have decided to move on from my position at Intel in pursuit of other opportunities.

I will be in the same expert area and will be doing what I love, but given the fact that it might be seen as a conflict of interest, I cannot continue to endorse Intel solutions any more. If you need further information on Intel solutions, please reach out to them directly. For now, I will leave my (old) blogs unaltered so readers can continue to read my thoughts and enjoy my storytelling; I appreciate how many of you seem to enjoy. In the future, if I see some of these blogs/articles affecting my standing with my new employer, I might be tempted to take those blogs down, but for now, continue to enjoy them.

I would really appreciate your continued patronage. It looks like a decent number of you visit my site often, according to the statistics. I sincerely appreciate all the comments, opinions, critiques, suggestions and advice. As always, I will continue to ramble my thoughts on emerging technology areas (such as API, IOT, Big Data/ Analytics, Machine Learning/Cognitive Computing, Mobile, Cloud and my favorite subject, security). I also welcome your suggestions on topics that you want to see me discuss.

As I transition from my previous job, I am taking some time off to mull over the decision I made and the impact that it will have on my life and career. Most importantly, I want to relax and energize for my next mission as the summer winds down. Obviously, this will involve some warm weather, sandy beaches, ice cold brewskis, or margs, and just wasting time by sleeping while pretending to think in the warm sun.

kids with beer














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I will continue to catalog my writings here once I am back from vacation and start my new job in a couple of weeks. Please check back often and keep this site warm. Lastly, I want to thank all of you who helped me during this transition process with your advice and suggestions. It is all much appreciated, and it won’t be forgotten when my turn comes to give back :).

As always, thank you! I am grateful for the opportunity, humbled and honored.

I will write about my new job and all the good things that we are doing soon – very soon .

linkedinPS: On a side note, as soon as I updated my LinkedIn profile, I got this feed/email from LinkedIn suggesting that about 17% of my connections have changed jobs recently. So, that would mean about 300 of my connections jumped ship recently. Interesting statistics, and thanks, LinkedIn, for the moral support 🙂 Who says social media doesn’t do you any good?


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