API Days Paris – impressionnant!

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at the API Days in Paris. It was a great event, and the crowd was surprisingly larger than I expected.

The usual suspects were presenting there including Kin Lane, Adam DuVander, Mike Amundsen, Mehdi, myself, SOA software, WSO2, 3Scale, Mulesoft, FaberNovel along with some surprises. Interestingly I saw Microsoft, HP, and Rackspace for the first time, and IBM is starting to show up in more events now as well.

In my opinion, the best speech would probably go to Rafi Haladjian of Sen.Se (The End of The Internet of Things).  Rumor has it that the slides not working was part of his act 🙂 Regardless, he improvised and spoke without any visual cue. It was funny, full of substance and included a good amount of thought leadership. He started off his conversation with a humor bit suggesting he doesn’t speak English and knows nothing about Internet of Things. Wonder how it would have turned out with slides.

Interestingly enough APISpark (Restlet) had the big stage with gold sponsorship, a prime speaking spot, and demonstrated some good ideas. We will have to wait and see how it will turn out when the next conference rolls around.

There were so many tracks on API usability, ease of use, and technology marvels as usual. Between my talk (Build intelligent APIs – Integrate, Secure, Optimize, and Govern), IBM (APIs: get ready for the new value chain), WSO2 (Beyond APIs: Building an ecosystem), Orange Telecom (Building an API Platform) the enterprise API talk is picking up as well. There was also a good business value proposition talks by FaberNovel (Why C-Level should care about APIs), 3Scale (Which Business Model to Win in the API Economy?). I missed Alex Willams’ speech (Man, Machines and Our Relationship with APIs) due to a customer meeting. Hopefully the video will be available soon. It is good to see that the focus is not just on developers any more.

A good summary of the event talks by Mark Boyd on PW can be found here. http://blog.programmableweb.com/2013/12/04/initial-themes-at-apidays-paris-reuse-and-cross-region/

1386285922140Being first time in Paris, I am surprised how expensive things are there. But then again having a conference right on Champs Elysées (Rodeo Drive of Paris) didn’t help either.  And of course, being there the first time I couldn’t help but click away at the Eiffel Tower: looks breathtaking in the night with all the jazzy lights on.

I am looking forward to the next API Days in Barcelona. Thanks Webshell and FaberNovel for the event.

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