Gartner AADI scoop

Every year there seems to be a new buzz at the Gartner AADI conference. Last year it was Mobility. While Mobility still seems to be a hot topic, this year everyone seemed to be buzzing about API Management and Big Data. I think it is an appropriate time for Intel to release the composite API Manager given the buzz I saw here alone (and I will tell you what we are doing in Big Data soon enough. Something big is coming soon).  For the naysayers who suggest that Intel does dinosaur technology, I want you to check this out. The sessions hosted by Intel at the Gartner AADI conference were well attended with keen interest by Enterprise Architects, Security Architects and Developers alike. The following sessions were presented by Intel, at the Intel booth, which had the heaviest traffic I have seen of any vendors that had a presence there.

Kin Lane – Master of API himself presented two “API Building Blocks” sessions. (I am doing a keynote session with Kin for ISACA in a few days. Check it out if you have time. It will be worth it, I promise – Link).

Appcelerator did two sessions on Building Mobile Apps in 15 mins and how to use Intel Manager as a run time Mobile enabler.

Virtustream presented Trusted API access to MBaaS using Intel API Manager.

Yours truly presented 2 sessions on Mobile middleware.

Not only that, we have seen the heaviest traffic in our booth since we started going to the Gartner AADI event. Finally people seem to realize that Intel does software (Read my blog on that here).

Thanks to all those who stopped by our booth. Congratulations to the Virtual Keyboard winners. Seems like a very cool gadget. I wish I had one 🙂

I will try to post some pictures from the Gartner AADI event soon.


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