API whitepaper – Hot off the press

Here is a link to the API whitepaper produced by Dan Woods, Chief Analyst CITO Research (of API book fame); Blake Dournaee, Intel Product Manager; and yours truly.   I think it came out better than expected and has a forward by John Musser of Programmableweb (Guru in API space). Given that everything is moving to Cloud and Mobile based you might want to spend a few minutes to check out the best practices of developing, implementing, securing and managing your APIs properly regardless of whether you are thinking Iass, Paas or Saas. What makes us unique is the combination of McAfee security and Intel Identity and Performance as you can see in the paper.

Intel API Whitepaper Download Link

For those who are interested, I have few coupons left for a 50% discount on Dan’s API strategy book (by O’Reilly). Hit me up if you need them. Hope we wont break his bank 🙂

http://www.amazon.com/APIs-Strategy-Guide-Daniel-Jacobson/dp/1449308929/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339202926&sr=8-1 (This is the book not the coupon).

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