My humbling moment

Last month I had such a moment. My son, who is in middle school, came to me and asked me to donate his entire monthly allowances to a specific charity ( I pride myself as a person who does a fair bit of research, especially when it comes to donating money and have a holy list of specific charities that I donate to on a regular basis. I was not aware of this one, so I did some research. Wow, did he hit it out of the park by choosing such a noble cause.

Living in such an advanced country we tend to take things for granted. For example, getting clean water (not to mention the plastic trash we create in the name of bottled water), healthy food (not the Mcdonald’s type), safe place to live, etc. But imagine you live in a place where you can’t even get clean water to drink and you have to walk miles and miles get a pail of clean water. This charity is specifically doing work with a mission to bring clean water to the needy in the poor countries.


Some of the catchy things about this charity:

  1. You can look at their website map for the specific projects using a satellite view and drill down to a specific project to see how your $$$ work.
  2. 100% of all the public donations go directly to water project costs. That is because they have couple of generous donors (the guy who is the founder of UK facebook equivalent supports this) who will take care of operational costs, salaries and other over head expenses. So every penny you give them is spent wisely.
  3. They are 501c3 which means you can claim them as charitable donations in your tax return.
  4. They are rated very high by Charity Navigator .  The score of 93% is actually higher than my favorite charities RedCross and UNICEF (
  5. A mere $5000 can provide water for a whole village, forever.
  6. The kids can go to school instead of walking miles (and hours) to get water for family on a daily basis.

So if you are donating kind I urge you to check it out and donate to help the needy. It is on top of my list and I am sure if you check this out it will be on yours too.

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One Response to My humbling moment

  1. Andy, I have personal friends who work with Charity:Water and confirmed that everything you say is true. They appear to be a wonderful organization. They’re on my list for sure. – Matt

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