Federal Security Standards – Alphabet Soup Explored

I always feel that when a new Federal Security standard is formed they look at the left over Alphabet letters and include some of them for pity. Otherwise it is hard to explain the reasoning behind so many Federal security standards and the long abbreviations.   Mapping the alphabet soup of federal cloud security initiatives is a daunting task.

In this Webinar, Tim Grance from NIST,  Federal Security expert Gunnar Peterson, and myself join forces to decompose the funded programs and standards initiatives to recommend an adoption path for cloud security.

Tim begins with  grounding in NIST’s baseline cloud security architectures/guidelines. Our groups discussion centers around timelines, real world use case, and applicable COTs commercial technologies.  Gunnar follows with insight into how these practices are incorporated into programs such as NSTIC, FedRamp, FICAM, Cyberscope, and DOD-PKI.    I then followed with the supplemental guidance covered by  Intel’s solutions.     Attendees of this webinar also received a copy of Gunnar Peterson’s Federal Cloud Security white-paper.

If you are interested in getting a copy of that free report or to find out more details either reach out to me or go to Intel Government-Solutions-Resource-Center


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