Our SaaS CloudSSO – Sassy

Essentially that is what it is– Sassy!. Recently we announced our Force.com based Cloud SSO solution. What is unique about this is that we are the first (and as of now the ONLY) solution that will allow Force.com user identities to be federated not only across Force.com applications, but also across other cloud providers as well.

We provide Identity for the cloud in the cloud – now that is different, isn’t it?

I know, I know… there are about half of a dozen vendors that claim to provide a Cloud SSO solution. So why are we different or better than others?

We provide a fusion, bringing together the best of McAfee and Intel. We bring years of advanced security research , our multi-tenant offering cloud security suite from McAfee, coupled with Intel’s Identity offering that includes SSO, hardened provisioning/de-provisioning and an escalated authentication (OTP) solution. Even more important, and a big cost saver, is the provisioning and de-provisioning to manage accounts in many applications by seamlessly automating it behind the scenes giving you the comfort and confidence that accounts are consistently and securely managed on build up and teardown tasks for each user.

Everyone knows that salesforce.com is all about the cloud and SaaS, right?. But once you set up your users/ identities in the Force.com platform it can be only used there. If you need to setup another SaaS application then your administrator needs to setup the user base all over again. Even though there are tools available to make this process easier, it is still a chore. Imagine if you could have the power to set up the identities and policies once and run forever. If your users have to remember only ONE password then you could enforce the passwords to be very strong. This would not only reduce the security risk (imagine a SaaS application having a weak password… what can be more dangerous than that) but it could also help with eliminating a lot of help desk password reset calls from frustrated users.

One pivotal and unspoken benefit is the increase in productivity where a user can seamlessly navigate between applications.

Our solution also includes a hardened, proven provisioning/ de-provisioning which takes care of syncing identities across applications and across multiple cloud providers. And there is also a built-in escalated authentication of identity, using a second form factor ,which comes in handy when someone tries to use sensitive applications. Our OTP (One Time Password) solution allows the users to provide the second factor (of what you have in addition to what you know).

If you missed our recent announcement about the beta release at RSA check it out here



For more details check us out IntelCloudSSO.com

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